Poinsettia plants are WARM climate plants and cannot tolerate cold temperatures. On Christmas Eve, following the services, when you pick up your plant, it needs to be wrapped in several plastic bags or placed in two paper grocery bags with the top closed. It would be advisable to bring them with you to services in order to prevent the plants from freezing once they are exposed to the cold night air. If the plants are not protected, then plant damage is exhibited on the flowers very quickly due to freezing.

Once you have your plant at home, poke holes in the bottom of the foil, which will allow the plant to drain upon watering thereby preventing the roots from drowning.

LIGHT- Place the plant (or any other flowering plant) near a sunny window, where it will get the most available sunlight. A south, east or west-facing window is the best. Avoid a north-facing window and do not let any part of the Poinsettia touch a cold windowpane, as this will damage it. Also, please do not put the plant behind a drawn window curtain, as this will freeze the plant causing the flowers, which ARE the leaves, to drop.

TEMPERATURE-To maintain the plant in bloom, a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees F. is ideal during the day, in the evening, you can place it in a cooler spot. Since root rot damage is more prevalent with temperatures below 60, it is wise not to place the plant in areas cooler than this or leaf drop will result.

WATER- Examine the soil in the pot daily, and when it feels dry to the touch, water the plant until the water runs out of the bottom drainage hole of the pot. If you use a jardinière to cover the pot, remove the water that collects init. Avoid leaving the plant stand in water as this will cause root damage. A wilted plant may drop its flowers prematurely, so try to keep it watered.

REFLOWERING- I often receive questions about how to re-flower the Poinsettia. This is a real challenge and if you go on line and Google this topic you will see how it’s done Our local florists can supply your plant needs yearly at a modest price-why not let them do the growing.

A Happy and Blessed Christmas to all!