Adults at Immanuel

It’s not all just for the kids.

No matter what stage of adulthood you are in, there are educational ministries available for you.

Adult Sunday School

Just like the kids, we are growing in our faith. Every Sunday, the adults are welcome to join the Adult Sunday School class as we question and learn. We are always open to new perspectives.

Pub Theology

The pub has always been a safe place to discuss whatever was on your minds. That is the idea behind Pub Theology. There is no structure behind this chance to learn. Just grab a drink and we’ll see where the conversation leads us! Contact Pastor Joanne for details about our next trip to the pub.


Wellness on Wednesdays

This is hands down, one of our most popular ministries! WOW is an opportunity for members of our church community and local area (55+ years old) to come together for a meal and a presentation about a fun new topic from a local expert.

Upcoming Topics

Feb. 13 – “Share Your Special Day” – To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this year we encourage you to bring your wedding albums or those of loved ones to share with the group.  We can most likely guarantee heartfelt stories and love shared in many different ways.

Feb. 20 – “Patriot Guard Riders” – Beth Read and Donna Barnes will present an overview of this wonderful United States agency whose members honor first responders as well as our military veterans, showing respect to them and their families. The group’s motto is : ‘Standing for Those Who Stood for Us”.

Feb. 27 – “Did Christ Really Stop and Eboli?” (Travels in Southern Italy)” – Traveler Bruce Kulp will answer this question and deliver yet another wonderful summary through photos and stories of his latest European trip – this time to southern Italy.

Mar. 6 – “Songs of Freedom” – You’re in for a treat as Phyllis Wade-Albro joins us in costume sharing stories and songs of the Underground Railroad movement originating in the southern states ~ including the important role Rochester played so many years ago in the freeing of slaves to the north.

Mar. 13 – “All About St. Patrick’s Day” – How much do you know about the real St. Patrick? Why do we eat soda bread and corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day? Jack Kowiak will answer these and many more questions as he explores the origins and traditions of this fun March holiday.

Mar. 20 – “Travelogue ….the Canadian Rockies” – Richard Jones will show us the many facets of this mountain range with its jagged ice-capped peaks, diverse wildlife, alpine lakes, outdoor recreation sites and much more.

Mar. 27 – “Afrikamba Curios” – Carol Nellis-Ewell and Harry Ewell had a dream to safari in Africa beginning in 1989.  Since then, they’ve returned over 50 times in 13 different countries helping and supporting the African people in so many helpful ways.  They say “the African people inspire us with their resilience, resourcefulness, spirit  ~ and faith.” Don’t miss hearing their amazing and unique story.

April 3 – “Wildlife Rockstars” – This is your chance to view ~ up close and personal ~ live animals like a wallaby, lemur, alligator, opossum, porcupine, woodchuck, unique birds, other reptiles and maybe even a kangaroo!  This wildlife educational outreach group works under the umbrella of Bridges For Brain Injury, Inc. It is run by staff and day program members as part of their rehabilitation in that members are trained in the handling and care of live native and exotic animals, birds, reptiles and more! Join us as the presenters inspire us with their knowledge and encouragement of wildlife conservation awareness.  Be sure the BRING YOUR CAMERAS! This is a program not to miss!

April 10 – “Explore the Galapagos” – Kath Gottschalk will be back with us  – this time to show and explain her amazing Galapagos trip.  The Galápagos Islands – a Pacific Ocean volcanic archipelago located on the equator – are one of the foremost destinations for wildlife viewing. Please join us as Kath’s presentations always prove to be very interesting and educational, yet highly entertaining!

April 17 – “Linus Blanket Project” – Once again we will tie fleece blankets for this worthy cause.  They will be donated to hospitalized children. Come and join your “WOW” friends as we help provide warmth and comfort for others.

April 24 – “Say it With Flowers” – It’s spring…. and that means it’s time for one of our favorite presenters to ‘wow’ us!  Deb Huehn, from Kittelberger’s Florist in Webster, will work her magic once again in flower arranging.  Watch as she uses her vast talent and skill in creating beautiful floral arrangements in minutes right before our eyes!

Have Kids?

Children spend almost eight hours every day using computers, the TV, cell phones, video games, and other digital media, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation. Find ways for family members to thrive when using the media while creating a balanced approach to the way family members spend their time.

Worship is a gathering of our entire community and involves many people of all ages. Would your children like to help with worship? If they would like to try acolyte, crucifer, ushering, reading or greeting, please talk to Pastor Joanne and she will make sure you get the training, the help and the support you need.

Encourage one another to pray regularly, even when it’s hard to think of what you want to say or you can’t remember who needs your prayers. Learn to look at your hand to help you recall at least five prayer petitions or intentions.