The congregation council has established ministries of grace and love, to involve all members in the witness of our calling: to act as God’s hands in this world and to encourage all to join in mission wherever called or gathered. These ministries serve as means of making God real and personal, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and caring for and nurturing God’s people—so that each may know God’s love personally. The ministries are: Worship, Learning, Service, and Support.

The Worship ministry proclaims and celebrates God’s word by gathering together—in the sanctuary and in other settings—for worship, sacrament, and associated music. This ministry provides reverence and honor to worship and celebrations through the activities that support worship.

 The Learning ministry offers education and encourages exploration for the faith journey. It provides the building blocks for forming faith, growing faith,
and strengthening faith.

The Service ministry extends care to all God’s people—within and outside this congregation—through activities that promote ecumenical cooperation, community, mercy and kindness, and fellowship.

The Support ministry:
a) ensures the foundation for our mission by planning, procuring, and maintaining our assets for use today and in the future. It encourages sustainability of all resources and environments at the individual, congregational, and community levels.
b) ensures compliance to this constitution and requirements of the church, the state of New York, and the federal government.
c) shares visibility of our mission and ministries both within this congregation and with the broader community.