Christian Education Committee

Christian Education committee oversees and nurtures the development of faith.  The on-going educational activities include Sunday school, Cradle Roll, First Communion and Confirmation Ministry, library support, Bibles for Youth and Bible study sessions.

Annual events supplement the learning experience through Vacation Bible School for children and adults, the Sunday school church picnic, the Advent Workshop and Work Camp.

The Sunday school is also involved in a Mission project that supports Susan and Arden Strasser’s work in Zambia, Africa.

Property Committee

The Property committee is responsible for repairing building equipment, preventative maintenance, and protection the church’s physical assets.  This committee coordinates a semi-annual clean-up day that encourages fellowship while beautifying our church grounds.

Evangelism / Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee (formerly known as the Evangelism committee) leads us in continuous efforts to call others to Christ.  This committee promotes our church in the congregation at public events such as the Webster Firemen’s Parade.  It also works to establish strong ties to all members of our congregation through new member receptions, Family dinners and Men’s club.

Finance Committee

The Finance committee oversees the financial affairs of the congregation.  This group prepares an annual ministry proposal that reflects the church’s commitment to benevolence, oversees congregational investments and insurance and provides for financial audits of the church’s accounts.

Social Ministry

The Social Ministry committee encourages members to fulfill our Christian responsibilities in our congregation, community and world.  The committee leads service projects such as Quilts of Valor, Habitat for Humanity, Hunger box collections, Seeds meals, Webster Community meals, and Soldier box collections.  Support of members of our congregation is demonstrated through the Shepherd program, Senior’s brunch, Parish Nursing program, and the Homebound ministry.  Fellowship among our members is strengthened through Sunday morning coffee hours, Easter morning breakfast, and Dinner and Movie events.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship committee promotes the expression of Christian faith in daily living, spreads the knowledge of the congregation’s ministries and leads members to higher levels of proportionate giving.  The annual Stewardship Appeal provides members with the opportunity to reflect on the gifts received from God and to respond with informed and grateful giving.  This committee also leads the Stewardship of Creation program which promotes recycling.

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music committee oversees the worship services and music ministries of the congregation.  This committee oversees the various choirs, provides appropriate hymnals and devotionals, coordinates the care of the altar paraments and vestments, and trains those interested in participating in the worship service as ushers, acolytes, worship assistants, readers, etc.

Communications Committee

The Communications committee is responsible for actively informing all members of the church about the workings and activities.  The Church’s newsletter, The Open Door, is a monthly publication that is distributed to all members either through the mail or electronically.  Other periodic mailings to members, announcements to the local news media and web-site postings are coordinated by this committee.