For the Kids

In Baptism, We Promise To

Teach the baptized the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments

Place in their hands the Holy Scripture

Nurture them in faith and prayer

About Sunday School

At Immanuel, our Christian Education ministry is designed to fulfill that baptismal promise. After baptism, children under the age of three are placed on our Cradle Roll and their parents receive materials to help grow their faith in the home. Our Sunday School program provides an opportunity for the children to deepen their understanding of the Bible all the way from kindergarten to high school. They learn about what it means to be a Lutheran and to grow in their faith. 

First Communion

The First Communion Class prepares fourth graders to begin receiving Holy Communion. The class, taught by Pastor Joanne, teaches the students read and study passages of Scripture to help them understand what Holy Communion is. The youth take part in activities that will help them grow in their appreciation of Holy Communion and the gift of love Jesus gives us in this sacrament. 


At Immanuel confirmation is not graduation from Sunday School but is in fact, the opposite. It is a process through which children grow into adults in the church. Growing into adulthood means that one worships regularly and actively participates in the ministry of the church.