Hunger Ministry








Our goal is a daunting one, but we are guided by our mission to

Alleviate hunger through awareness, advocacy, and action.

The Hunger Ministry is one of the newest ministries at Immanuel, coming from our Visioning process where we as a community looked deep to determine where we wanted to go in the future.

Currently, a small group of passionate individuals, the Hunger Ministry Task Force, are researching and learning how our church can best address the needs of our local area, state, country, and world. Take a look below at some of the interesting details our Task Force came across in their research.

ImmanuPantry is one of the first efforts of the newly formed Hunger Ministry to address food insecurity in our local area. It is a selection of shelf stable items to help someone have a healthy, filling meal. As our church is used as a meeting space for a wide range or groups, this pantry would allow easy access to anyone coming to the church, or anyone in the local area, to discreetly get the food they need.

Going Forward

The Task Force identified three ways our community can effectively address the immediate needs of the food insecure as well as the root causes of hunger issues.


Educating members of our community so more people might have a better understanding of the true, serious nature of hunger issues. 


Working with local, state, and national leaders to address the root causes of hunger issues.


Addressing immediate, specific hunger needs.