I always tell myself ‘I need to get more involved in the community’ ‘I need to volunteer more’. I was saying these phrases a lot to myself. Finally, I said, ‘Look! I need to stop saying this and start actually volunteering more’. I knew Mustard Seed was an opportunity because Mrs. Huehn kept mentioning it. I was like “Perfect! I will do that to get more involved’.

So, I went. The experience was very humbling for me. I’ll be honest, I get caught up in my privileged life and I forget that the world has issues that need solving. I think it is truly amazing that a local church, Incarnate Word, has joined in with other local organizations to feed the hungry. I’m so glad I went because the experience reminded me of something really important that I tend to forget. I forget that I am blessed. 

I spend a lot of time thinking how I can be more successful at work and with my relationships that I get so caught up in what needs to change. What needs to be fixed in my life to the point where I feel like I don’t have anything going for me, which is so not true. I have a great job and great friends. I have a great apartment and I eat good food.

There was one moment in particular that I witnessed that put things into perspective for me. When I was serving and delivering food to the tables, one gentleman was so thankful that I placed a salad on the table. His eyes were glowing with happiness. I don’t always get excited about salad. I actually get bored of salad. I will have days where salad is my only choice for lunch and I’m disappointed. But here’s the thing, if you imagine a world without salad or salad isn’t an option you can get often, the salad becomes important. I would start to miss having salads. I take the things I have for granted.

I try to pause now and be in the moment. Thankful for what is around me. Thankful for a nice dinner with family and friends. Thankful that I have a bed to sleep in to get a good night rest after a long day. Thankful for a glass of filtered water. I am so blessed.

I encourage you all to participate in Mustard Seed and get involved more where you can to experience the small moments in giving as I did.

– Natalie Bogart


Click here to learn more about Immanuel’s involvement with the Mustard Seed Kitchen.