Every day, we stay connected via e-mail, social media, texting, and yes, even talking live with another person. But are we really connected to other people? How often do we focus on our connection with creation? And how much time do we devote to our connection with God?

Join us for a women’s day apart on Saturday, April 20, to reflect on that connectivity and how we can improve our connections. Led by Kathleen Wakefield, we will learn about paths for spiritual practices that can truly connect us to our community—God, nature, and humanity. The day will be sprinkled with meditation, mindful movement, time outdoors, and time together. Oh yes, and food. We can use this time apart to remove distraction, slow down, and focus on how Everything is Connected.

The details: Saturday, April 20, 9-4 at Butler Cottage at Mary Frances Blue Bird Haven, 235 County Road 9, Victor, 14564. Cost is $25. Bring a bag lunch including beverage and a snack to share. Registration forms are in the downstairs hallway at church or can be sent via e-mail if you reach out to the office. Registration deadline is April 17