The bible is filled with stories of all sorts of people whose lives were turned upside down by God’s call. Some are well-known. But many are tucked away and often forgotten and overshadowed. For the next few weeks we will encounter some of these lesser known people who are part of God’s story of love, grace, and hope. We will hear about people of amazing faith as well as others who greatly challenged God’s people. So come along on our journey as we grow with God’s people of long, long ago!

June 2                         Miriam: Singing God’s Song of Hope    

June 9                         Goliath: Bullies and God’s Plan

June 16                       Joseph: God’s Quiet Caregiver

June 23                       Hannah: God Hears

June 30                      The Ethiopian Eunuch: Outies Become Innies

July 7                          Shiprah and Puah: Challenging the System

July 14                        Pharisees: Struggling to Serve Faithfully

July 21                        Onesimus: Living in the Middle

July 28                        Hungry People on a Hillside: The Crowds Who Hungered for More than Food