Do you have everything in place to ensure that when you are a patient, everything in your care and your life will be addressed according to your wishes and in your best interest? Once you are a legal adult (anyone over 18), without signed consent, a loved one cannot serve as your advocate. Do you have the required documentation? Does it include the needed types of advocacy and assistance? Does it reflect up-to-date wording to ensure things like access to electronics and passwords is included? Does your advocate know all your wishes? Does your advocate know who to contact and talk to when advocacy is needed? Be prepared, so that when you do need advocacy, your care and your responsibilities continue without interruption or concern.

Join us for One Night Only! on June 12th via Zoom when Ann Marie Hurley, Hurley Care Solutions, will share information to help you prepare for these inevitable situations. Submit any additional questions on this topic you would like addressed by June 8th to Immanuel’s office at office@immanuelwebster.orq or 585-872-5180. Of course, questions will also be welcomed during the session.