Lent begins February 22 with Ash Wednesday worship at 7:00.  We enter into this rich season of introspection and growth by having ashes smeared on our foreheads.  Who would want this?  Why do we do this strange ritual?  Accompanied by the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return,” is not the uplifting sentiment we would rather hear!  But the ashes are placed on us in the form of a cross, reminding us that in Christ, we are held in arms of love in everything we experience, even death.  Make this powerful service the beginning of your Lenten discipline.

We will gather each Wednesday evening in Lent, March 1-29 at 6pm for a simple meal of soup and bread followed by a brief service reflecting on faithful followers of God who struggled with their call.   Being called by God is always holy, but isn’t always easy.  What can we learn from these well-known biblical heroes who struggled, resisted, wrestled, and then followed God?

Lent is a wonderful time to find strength, companionship, and hope as we journey together as God’s people.  Make these opportunities a part of your Lenten journey.