Lifetree Café

by IELC on March 4, 2015

Thursdays 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Lifetree Café is an hour-long experience packed with interesting stories, fascinating people, and lively conversation that will feed your soul. The main entrée at Lifetree Café is food for thought. Come enjoy a comfortable, safe place. A place to meet old friends and make new ones. To share your thoughts about compelling topics and hear the thoughts of others. Come see what everyone’s talking about. For more details, go to:

Aug. 9th – Family Secrets, What Mama Never Told Us.
Aug. 16th – 10 Minutes to Live, Now What?
Aug. 23rd – Out of Anger, The battle between self- control and out of control.
Aug. 30th – No Lifetree, Have a great Labor Day!
Sept. 6th – Living a Rich Life, finding meaning and purpose.
Sept. 13th – The Art of Listening, an act of love.
Sept. 20th – Miracles or Mere Coincidences, does everything happen for a reason?
Sept. 27th – When Anxiety Strikes, compassion, peace and understanding.
Oct. 4th – A Family Divided, finding peace by letting go.


















Wellness On Wednesdays meets every Wednesday, and is for those 55 and older. Join us from 10 am to 12:30 pm for blood pressure checks, light exercises, speakers and lunch.

The program schedule for the next couple of weeks: 

Aug. 8 – “Stalking the Wildlife of Canada” – Kath Gottschalk’s presentations are always so enjoyable and this one is sure to delight listeners.  She promises to explain this wild adventure and backs it up with the assurance that “nothing normal” is the way to describe it!

Aug. 15 – “Notably Yours” – Join us for the beautiful harmonies of Al Weitz and his barbershop quartet.

Aug. 22 – “Words of Wisdom” – We are pleased to have Barb Shortz share with us Oprah Winfrey’s meaningful book entitled ‘Wisdom Sundays’. In addition, please bring your own ‘words-of-wisdom’ to share with the group.

Aug. 29 – “Food Link” – Laura Sugarwala, Director of Nutrition and Food Safety at Food Link, will explain what this organization offers to the public and the process by which they distribute food to recipients.

September 5 – “Making Balloon Animals “- Walter Crum will show us how it’s done! He will share this unique hobby of creating various shapes from different sized colorful balloons!

September 12 – “Acupuncture” – Heather Stokes joins us to explain exactly what acupuncture is and how it can be of help to us in various ways.

September 19 – “Music and Movement” – Back by popular demand, Steve Petrovich will entertain us with his lively toe-tapping music!

September 26 – “The Ladies of Rochester’s Central Medical College” – Historian Jane Oaks will explain how the work of six brave women back in 1849 led to laying the groundwork for the medical care and educational opportunities women receive today.

Oct. 3 – “On Pines and Needles” – Local author, Carole Young will share her wonderful children’s book dealing with how parents respond to their two little girls when an unfortunate crisis occurs.  As the holidays approach, this book is one that is perfect for the season.

Oct. 10 – “The Bread Man” – Renowned local baker, Chet Fery, will explain his beliefs in the power of kindness and will also share his bread recipes in addition to sharing his delicious loaves with us!!

Oct. 17 – “Rochesterville on the Rise – Part 2” – Rochester Historical Society’s Dan Cody will continue the fascinating story of how Rochester was formed and grew into what we are familiar with today.

Oct. 24 – “Spiritualism” – Join us for another of Jack Kowiak’s great PowerPoint presentations – this one explaining the story of how the movement began before the Fox sisters and continued long after that time period.

Oct. 31 – “Halloween Party” – Our annual fun fall event is sure to please all – with games, laughter, costumes, food and prizes!