The Church Council has general oversight of the life and activities of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. Church Council consists of the pastor, the officers of the congregation and not more than 15 members of the congregation. Any active voting member who is of legal age may be elected a councilperson.

Currently serving on Church Council are:

Bonnie Webster—Council President
Toni Baller—Vice President
Susan Hughes—Secretary
Charles Klauck—Financial Secretary
Darla Lacey—Treasurer

Class of 2018 – Toni Baller, Barb Stam, Bonnie Webster, Brianna Christensen, Gary Cannon; Class of 2019-Rachel Collins, Dave Derleth, Susan Hughes, Debby Pitts, Kath Gottschalk, Jacob Baller, Jason Webster; Class of 2020 – Jim Dugan, Kate Rowland, Lori Russell.   Elected Officers – Darla Lacey and Charles Klauck.