Lifetree Café

by IELC on March 4, 2015

Thursdays 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Lifetree Café is an hour-long experience packed with interesting stories, fascinating people, and lively conversation that will feed your soul. The main entrée at Lifetree Café is food for thought. Come enjoy a comfortable, safe place. A place to meet old friends and make new ones. To share your thoughts about compelling topics and hear the thoughts of others. Come see what everyone’s talking about. For more details, go to:

July 27 – Body Language, what you say before you say a word.

August 3 – No Lifetree / Adult Vacation Bible School

August 10 – Science and Religion, can they coexist?

August 17 – Coping with Grief, find you path to peace.

August 24 – They hijacked my Life! How vulnerable are you to identity theft?

August 31 – Concussions, A former NFL player speaks out.
















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