Wellness On Wednesdays – For those 55 and older

by Immanuel on June 16, 2010

Wellness On Wednesdays meets every Wednesday, and is for those 55 and older. Join us from 10 am to 12:30 pm for blood pressure checks, light exercises, speakers and lunch.

The program schedule for the next couple of weeks: 

August 2 – ‘The History of Rochester’s Department Stores’ – We’ll step back in time with Daniel Coty’s description of the early days of shopping in Rochester, N.Y. at stores like McCurdy’s and others.   (Communion will be offered following lunch today.)

August 9 – ‘The Pan-American Exposition” – Sharon Hanks will provide an interesting overview of this 1901 World’s Fair held in Buffalo, New York.  You’ll be amazed to learn what was showcased on the 342 acres of that huge fair!

August 16 – ‘Life in Japan’ – We are pleased to welcome Yukari Kumagari, who will provide a glimpse of living in Japan.  The unique characteristics of life in other countries are so interesting.  (There will be time available for many of us to share where our ancestors originated after Yukari completes her presentation.)

August 23 – ‘Music Through the Ages’ – Guitarist George Hogan will entertain us!  His lively, upbeat Nashville style is sure to bring memories, smiles and fun!

August 30 – ‘Flying the Hump’ – You won’t want to miss Ted Ellstrom’s presentation which will explain the dangerous missions of flying the “hump” (at the eastern end of the Himalayan Mts.) from India to China to resupply the units of US Army Air Forces based in China.

Sept. 6 – ‘Music from the ’40’s’ – We welcome back talented guitarist Ray Braeselton who will entertain us with songs from way back when.

Sept. 13 – ‘War of 1812’ – Come and hear Chuck Bayles explain how the United States took on the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain, in a conflict that had a huge impact on our young country’s future.

Sept. 20 – ‘The Rotary Club’ – Fellow WOW members Ross Willink and Bill Ruoff will team up to explain the history and activities of this influential international service organization.

Sept. 27 – ‘What Cuba is Like Today’ – We welcome Judith DuPre, a retired Fairport history teacher, who will explain what life is like in Cuba, where more has changed recently than it has in decades.

Oct. 4 – ‘Songs from the Past’ – Those classic songs we love, as well as some great show tunes, will be the focus of the solo program of Jerry Bartholomew.  His powerful baritone voice is one you won’t want to miss!

Oct. 11 – ‘Weight Loss Myth Busters’ – We’ll learn the real truth about weight loss from Suzanne Feathers, one of our favorite MVP speakers.

Oct. 18 – ‘Because of Women Like Her’ – Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the New York State Woman Suffrage Centennial and to learn about Rochester’s role in the history of women’s rights.  Christine Ridarsky will be our speaker on this important topic.

Oct. 25 – ‘Wow’s Annual Halloween Party’ – Come join in the fun, games, foods and costumes!  This always proves to provide fun for all 🎃!!




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